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About Us

Ryan’s Appliance Repair is the #1 rated repair company in Farmers Branch, Texas. All of our techs have years of experience and familiarity with all major brands and appliances.

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Ryan’s Appliance Repair


Our Appliance Repair Services

If your appliances are on the fritz… Your freezer isn’t cooling correctly, your fridge is making strange clanging noises… Ryan’s Appliance Repair of Farmers Branch is your number one choice for emergency appliance repair.

All at budget-friendly prices and at the same time providing the very best professionals, we’re able to provide a service with astounding results. Our reputation is untainted and has been the reason we’re the best choice for appliance repair in the region, all because:


  • We provide the best, and only the best, uncompromised service.
  • We employ highly-trained and qualified technicians.
  • We always stand by our word.
  • We provide maintenance and repair to all common brands of appliances.
  • We get repairs done efficiently and quickly.
  • Budget-friendly rates.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with our work.


What Appliances We Repair in Texas

We repair fridges, ice makers, washing machines, dryers, ovens and many more types of appliances.

Our Repair Process

Our process is simple, we’ll send one of our experts out to take a look at your appliance. This will be at a time chosen by you, to ensure that minimal impact is caused. The professional engineer will then identify the issue and ensure that there are no other issues with your appliance.

The professional will then chat with you about the options and provide you a solid estimate on cost. Remember, our team is all trained and certified to provide the best service. And so, with that, they can give you a fair quote that makes sense.

Most of the time the bests option will be to carry out the repairs. However, if the professional thinks your appliance is beyond repair, they will tell you straight. We’ll always advise the most budget-friendly path going forward to ensure you don’t miss out on your appliance for too long.

Final Notes

We’ve been in this business for years. Becoming a reputable company within Farmers Branch was a tough deal. And, although the other repair companies may provide good service, we excel above and beyond for the cornerstone of our company… You.

You are our neighbors, friends, and family and to provide you with average or below average services would simply be unacceptable. We plan on remaining in the top spot by continuing to provide exceptional service, and we hope that you’ll take up our offer!

Call us today to have your repairs completed quickly, all at a budget-friendly price.

We Repair All Appliances