Freezer Repair

Freezers work around the clock to keep our food fresh for as long as possible, and for a simple appliance that’s quite a feat. However, it’s inevitable that even the most reliable appliances can fault at some point. When your appliance comes down with an issue, it’s best to call Farmers Branch’s best freezer repair service to get it working, as good as new.

While the appliance is simple, we always advise against attempting to repair the machine yourself. You could void your warranty, cause further damages and cost yourself a fortune in parts.

The following are some of the most common telltales signs that your appliance needs repairs:

Your freezer sounds possessed

If your freezer is making spooky noises that you’re not familiar with, who you gonna call? Ghost Busters? Wrong. Call Ryan’s Appliance Repair of Farmers Branch to get your appliance running like new. If you begin to hear humming, sizzling and swishing noises, it’s time to give us a call. On the other hand if you begin to hear banging or knocking, the evaporator coil might need replacement.

Frost is Building Up

Frost buildup is usually because the door has been left open too long or is being opened too often. Frost forms when warmer air is able to get into the appliance. Also, if your temperature settings are set lower than 0°F, you should consult your manual for the correct settings. If this doesn’t sort the issue, you could need gaskets replacing or the heater for defrosting replacing too. If the frost is forming only at the back of the freezer, the defrost cycle could be broken.

Freezer is Leaking

If you notice a substantial amount of water leaking out of your appliance, it can be a nightmare. Often this is the result of damage to the water line which can be inspected, or it could be down to a valve being leaky.

If it’s a small amount of water, it could simply be some spilled water or an ice cube that was dropped.

It’s Not Working at All

If you’ve done all of the basic checks which anywhere will recommend – Ensuring that the breaker hasn’t tripped, the fuse in the plug has not blown and that the outlet is giving power out correctly – Then it’s better to call us as soon as possible. It could be an issue with the internal wiring or the electronic control board.

It’s Not Cold Enough

The first thing to do if you notice your freezer isn’t cold enough is to ensure the temperature settings are set at 0°F. Any higher and you’ll notice that food is being ruined faster than it should. Also, make sure that you’re not overfilling the freezer, this can cause more issues than it’s worth.

In an ideal case, a freezer should be no more than 85% full at any time. Air needs to circulate within the appliance for it to work efficiently. Make sure also that items are not covering or blocking the vents.

Also, not to mention that where you place your freezer matters a great deal. We recommend that you place your appliance in a place where it’s no less than 55°F and no more than 110°F.

If the issue still persists after all of this, the thermostat could need replacement or repair.

Give Us a Call

Most people prefer to get the issue sorted quickly and don’t have the time to try DIY repairs if that’s you, it’s time to give us a call. We’re one of the fastest appliance repair services in the region and we’ll always leave you satisfied, offering sublime repairs at a budget-friendly price.