Ice Maker Repair

An ice machine is a luxury in the hot summer months and makes getting ice super convenient. Instead of buying bags of ice, filling an old fashioned ice tray and waiting for it to freeze, you can receive ice in your drink upon command.

And who doesn’t love relaxing with an iced drink after a hot day in Texas? It adds convenience, saves us time and is a simple appliance that can be discrete. But like any appliance, an ice maker can stop working without notice.

But if your ice maker does come down with a fault, there’s a budget-friendly and viable solution. Ryan’s Appliance Repair is ready to help you get your ice maker up and running before the day is over. Having dealt with all of the well-known brands of ice maker, no model is too big of a challenge for our team.

Should You Call Us?

Our team is trained to deal with any appliance repair but is also there to provide a service with a smile. But before you do, we’ve listed a few of the common issues that ice makers have and how you can fix the small issues yourself without spending a penny.

Check the Pause Button

It’s an easy thing to miss and we’ve all been there, someone in your household may have pressed the pause button. In some models, the machine can pause itself if it thinks the bin is full. Take a look before calling us, still happening? We’re ready to work our magic.

What is the set temperature?

Usually, your appliance owner’s manual should be able to explain what the best temperature setting should be for your ice machine. It’s not always the colder the better. If it’s too cold the water can freeze within the tube and prevent ice being made.

The Control Arm Needs to Be Adjusted

Most ice machines have a control arm that moves along the more full the bin gets. Make sure the bin is empty and ensure the arm is not in the pause position.

Clear the Filter

Over time the waterline and filter can both become blocked with minerals, when this happens the ice machine stops working. Your manual should be able to tell you how to check the line and clear the filter.

A Broken Valve

If you’ve already cleaned the filter and there are no blockages along the line, the valve could be faulty. In which case you’ll need to contact us.

Disconnect the machine and stop the water

By doing this you make sure that there’s no frozen water in the waterline. We often recommend using a hairdryer to heat the line and melt the ice. Don’t set the temperature of the hairdryer to become too high though

When you turn the machine back on, you’ll be able to see that it’s working again if this has worked. If it’s still not working or the water doesn’t look right, give us a call.

The amount of ice being produced is below what it should be

This is almost always down to a line being blocked or water being frozen within the line. Try what we’ve listed above.


No one likes leaks, they cause so much damage if left unattended to.

Ensure that the appliance is level on the ground and that the water lines aren’t blocked. Also, ensure that the fill cup is lined up properly.

If it’s still not working, call us as soon as possible. Leaks can quickly go from bad to worse.

Need Some Help?

Clock the contract button here or call us on the phone. We’re ready to get your ice machine working as good as new, in no time at all.